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A Message to Our Customers

Covid-19 Store Policies for the safety of our customers and employees.

If the door is unlocked, please come in and wait at the door. A salesperson is available to assist you.

If the door is locked all salespeople are with a customer. Please wait outside or in your car and when a salesperson becomes available, we will come get you.

Please call 616-784-8181 or Text 616-236-1485 to let us know you are waiting outside.

 Please feel free to take a bottled water or soda while waiting outside.

If you would like to set up an appointment so you will not be waiting please call 616-784-8181 or text  616-236-1485

Please use the Purell dispenser next to the door before shopping.

Gloves and Masks are available inside.

Mask are required when not able to social distance.

Thank you for your cooperation and patients.

Store hours

Monday 10 to 5

Tuesday 10 to 5

Wednesday 10 to 5

Thursday 10 to 5

Friday 10 to 5

Saturday 10 to 3